Special NFT Character Collection

Before any gamers get upset, please note that Warchain, in itself, is completely free to play. You do not have to purchase NFTs, $WAR tokens, etc... to gain access to the base product. Please see the subsection on NFT Characters to learn more about the Free-To-Play model.
However, there are some added utilities that players can purchase either during MINT (date TBA) or on the secondary market. These added Utilities are wrapped into 3 packages, including the Introductory DEFI Package, Intermediate DEFI Package, and Ultimate DEFI Package.
There is a total of 10,000 NFTs and will all be sold within 1 collection. Upon reveal, the player will find out which of the tiers they have purchased.
Each of these NFTs will be a 3D playable character from among one of our 7 races.
Note: None of these NFT packages give ANY advantage to gameplay, whether within the story, raids, or end game.

NFT Packages

Introductory DEFI Package
  • The ability to unlock locked $WAR tokens in-game
  • Access to Play-To-Allocation
  • 9,450 QTY
DEFI Package
  • All benefits of the Introductory DEFI Package
  • Higher in-game unlock rates of locked $WAR tokens
  • Required to be a guild owner
  • Private DEFI Club
  • 500 QTY
Ultimate DEFI Package
  • All benefits of the DEFI Package
  • Highest unlock rate of locked WOD tokens through in-game play
  • Guaranteed allocation in all Public, Private, and Seed rounds in Warchain Launchpad
  • 1 custom game server, in which a portion of all fees will be given to the NFT holder
  • Private Ultimate DEFI Club
  • 50 QTY


The exact process of implementation of these NFTs is currently unknown as we are still developing the architecture for the game/metaverse.