The Marketplace

The Marketplace primarily consists of a Decentralized exchange, an NFT marketplace, and the Seed Store.


The decentralized exchange (DEX) will exist on the polygon blockchain, where the player will be able to walk up to a clerk and swap the tokens in their wallet for tokens available at the decentralized exchange. The entire trading process will be gamified on the unreal engine.
On top of being able to swap on the DEX, you will also be able to provide liquidity for any tokens on the DEX. There will also be specific pools at the Farm that will provide $WAR rewards. The investor can check which pools are currently earning rewards in $WAR tokens by visiting the Farm. In order to participate in those rewards, the player will need to deposit their LP tokens in the Farm. LP tokens will be obtained at the Seed Store.


The seed store is where the player will be able to create seeds for farming, otherwise known as LP tokens. A player will bring two tokens on the polygon blockchain to the seed store and they will be able to merge both tokens to form an LP token. The player will then be able to take those LP tokens/seeds that they obtained to the Farm and receive $WAR token rewards for planting them at the farm.
To learn more about Farming, please see the specific subsection on "The Farm."


The NFT marketplace is where players will be able to buy and sell all NFT items in Warchain. This will include NFT heroes, mounts, pets, crafted or obtained items, and more. All NFT items will be purchasable using the $WAR token.