The Bank

The Bank is where players can stake their $WAR token for rewards, albeit for much less than is offered for Farming.

Staking Pools for $WAR

When an investor comes to the bank, the first step is to deposit your tokens in the bank and turn them into Power. Power is what gives the player access to the launchpad, governance, airdrops, raffles, and more.


Power will depend on the following 2 factors:
  1. 1.
    The current ratio between Power and $WAR
  2. 2.
    The Quantity of $WAR tokens staked.
Power will always be at a coefficient ratio (above 1) of the $WAR token. This ratio will only grow in time.


  • NFT Marketplace - 10% of NFT Marketplace Fees
  • DEX Fees: 33% of DEX Fees
All fees from the DEX and the NFT marketplace (in $WAR) will get deposited into the Bank - increasing the ratio between Power and $WAR and, in essence, making your Power tokens worth more $WAR tokens when withdrawn.
  1. 1.
    Player A deposits 1500 $WAR tokens into the bank, with a current ratio of 1.5, obtaining 1000 Power tokens.
  2. 2.
    The bank then has (including Player A's deposits) 100,000 Power tokens (150,000 $WAR) deposited.
  3. 3.
    Since Player A deposited his tokens, 10,000 $WAR tokens were collected from the token reward sources above and added to the pool, resulting in no change in power tokens, but only in the war tokens.
  4. 4.
    Now, we have 100,000 Power tokens and 160,000 $WAR tokens, resulting in a new ratio of 1.6.
  5. 5.
    When Player A withdraws his 1000 Power tokens into $WAR tokens, he now has 1600 $WAR tokens.
It is akin to the above example that players will receive interest in $WAR tokens, purely from the economy's taxes.

Locked Deposits or Certificate of Deposits

When an investor chooses to lockup their bank tokens, these tokens not only increase per the power-$WAR ratio, but these tokens also receive rewards in Power, increasing their governance, launchpad eligibility, airdrops, and more.
These lockup contracts will be incentivized out of token vesting of $WAR. Essentially the vested $WAR tokens will be converted into Power and added to the current Power Balance of the user, allowing these rewards to also gain interest in Power tokens as well.
The user will be able to pick their lockup period via a sliding scale based on the number of months, from 1 to 12, and ranging from a time weight of 1 through 4 via the equation.
Time Weight = 1 + x/4, where x is the number of months the player chooses to lockup their tokens.
See the following examples of popular staking lengths
  • 1-month lockup - 1.25x
  • 3-month lockup - 1.75x
  • 6-month lockup - 2.5x
  • 12-month lockup - 4x
  • Custom Lockup - 1 + days/365, where the day options are divisible by 5
The player will also be given the option to participate in many different staking pools at once, to diversify their staking lockups.
The above weights mean that a 12-month lockup will receive 4x amount of tokens whereas a 1-month lockup will receive 1.25x
Player A and Player B both lockup 100,000 $WAR tokens. Player A locks up for 3 months, while Player B locks up for 12 Months.
For every 1.75 Power tokens Player A receives, Player B will receive 4 in rewards.
Since the Power tokens will appreciate constantly due to NFT sales and DEX usage, Power token ratio will increase in comparison to $WAR tokens at the same time.
Reward Bonuses
Higher token rewards will be offered earlier on.
This means that more tokens will be given out as rewards to locked deposit tokens in the bank during early access than they will later in the year. The exact bonus reduction has yet to be designed, however, the 24-month mark will mark the end of the bonuses, and token staking rewards for locked tokens will continue at a steady pace until token vesting rewards are completed.

Launchpad Eligibility/Tiers

Power, obtained by single staking $WAR tokens at the Bank, will be the requirement for all launchpad access. That means that you must obtain Power in order to participate in Seed, Private, and/or Public round investments. The amount of power you have will designate your eligibility for certain funding rounds, as well as determine the allocation that you will be able to purchase in those rounds.
Your power eligibility will include locked Power as well as rewards, even if unclaimable.

Governance Voting

There will be specific times when the Warchain team will request a governance vote from the players/investors. The weight of your vote will be in Power.


Warchain will airdrop exclusive weapons, mounts, pets, and more. The more Power you have, the more raffle tickets you will be given for a higher chance to win the airdrop.